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Bruce Smith Talks Animating Disney's Princess & The Frog

By November 06, 2009 ,

Despite having tons of fun at Disney World I did get some "work" in. LOL. During the Illuminations Dessert Party I took time out from eating yummy cookies and other goodies to interview Bruce Smith, supervising animator on Disney's The Princess And The Frog film.

l-r: Lashanda (Sista Sense), Me, Bruce Smith, Tara (YoungMommyLife)

So, Bruce is the Supervising Animator on Dr. Facilier, the Villain at the center of "The Princess and the Frog", but as you can hear in our interview he's very aware of adding the diversity factor in films. How exciting that he's working on the major Disney feature of a African American Princess!

Sorry that we didn't talk alot about Dr. Facilier during my interview. To make it up to you I found another interview where Bruce really does talk about creating Dr. Facilier. I loved interviewing Bruce because...yup, he's a black man in a great position at a major brand company.

Gotta love that positive male role model example. Bruce was so humble and easy talk with despite the facts that he's pretty awesome. Have you read his Biography? Woah.

Bruce Smith is among the animation industry’s leading designer-directors. Smith created the hit Disney Channel series "The Proud Family" and co-created The Cartoon Network’s urban sci-fi series "Da Boom Crew." Together with Hyperion Pictues, Smith founded Jambalaya Studio.

Smith said "the name Jambalaya was chosen because it sounds unpredictable and musical, and the word itself actually means ‘a mixture of diverse elements.’" Jambalaya’s first production is the hit Disney Channel series “The Proud Family,” an animated sitcom Smith created about a middle-class African-American family.

Now I didn't get a chance to talk to Bruce about The Proud Family since I got distracted by a glass of wine BUT I swear that The Proud Family had some multiethnic in there. Have you see the mom? and didn't Penny have a biracial friend or something?!

Anyway, knowing a little bit about the animator(s) behind "The Princess and the Frog" really helps understand the thinking and dediciation that went into making this movie step by step. I can't wait to see it!

Special thanks to Bruce Smith for talking to this crazy chick and giving the interview and to Disney for the yummy treats that night ;)

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