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Enjoying Spa Week Experience at Spa Chakra and Exhale Spa

By April 12, 2010 ,

Today starts Spa Week Spring 2010 and I encourage you to try and get in some spa treatment as a treat for yourself. We spend most of our time taking care of everyone else and forgetting about ourselves. But we need to remember we also need some pampering and relaxation moments in our lives. This week gives you the perfect chance since many spas are offering deals and discounts.

Spa Week 2010

While I didn't participate in vising any spa's this week, I have in the past and loved it! My first spa experience was at Spa Chakra (www.spachakra.com) in connection with a bloggers event I went to cover.

After one bloggers event, I along with group of other moms traded our clothes for fluffy white robes, which we reclines in while waiting for our individual spa treatments. At Spa Chakra the waiting room is a dimmed lavish area where you sit in soft chairs, listen to soothing music while nibbling on yummy snacks and beverages.

Soon it was time for my spa treatment and I was introduced to my spa "therapist" Helia. I can't rave enough about Helia! Being my first time at a Spa, I was so nervous and didn't know what to expect or what to do! Helia encouraged me to relax and then explained what will happen. While I received a signature facial, Helia answered my many questions about better ways to care for my skin. By the time everything was done I was relaxed, glowing and planning ways for me to sneak in my next spa treatment.

Sadly my next spa treatment took a while to happen due to work and family demands. Thankfully another bloggers event happening at Exhale Spa (www.exhalespa.com) also offered the moms mini spa treatments. This time I chose to have a lip treatment. As I laid back slowly relaxing a citrus scrub, peel and lip balm was applied to my lips to soften, plump, and hydrate them.

As my spa "therapist" applied a little gloss to keep my lip luscious, she explained that this important little area is often neglected but it's important to care for our lips to prevent painful drying and cracking. My mini treatment took under 30mins but I still left feeling pampered and pretty.

So this week whether you have 3 hours or just 30 minutes make sure you sign-up for a spa treatment. Trust me you deserve it!

To learn more, visit - www.spaweek.com

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