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Interviewing 'Benji and Joel Madden' at The Electric Company

By November 29, 2010 ,

Recently The Electric Company wrapped up shooting of the 3rd season of their Emmy Award-wining series, which included taping a music video with the band Good Charlotte.

I was invited to view the taping and then interview the band. It's not everyday an offer to meet Good Charlotte IN REAL LIFE happens, so you know I was here!

Joel & Benji of Good Charlotte

I was excited to talk to Good Charlotte and hear about their new and upcoming recording as well as hear their thoughts on fatherhood and how it's changed their lives.

good charlotte electric co video taping
good charlotte electric co video taping

A few minutes after arriving at Sesame Workshop, I was taken into the taping room. There was a huge green screen and people calling out cues all around. In the middle stood Joel and Benji Madden rehearsing their lines and being prepared for the shoot. Then lights, camera, action...they started taping the music video for the The Electric Company episode.

good charlotte interview

After the taping came a round of interviews from different "media" including the attending "mom bloggers" which included Kim of Mom in the City and Jen of Next Kid Thing and of course myself :)
Nikki: How did the Partnership with The Electric Company happen?

Benji: My niece likes the show. We watch it as a family and I enjoy that's something families can get into. Also other band members have kids so it's something we all know.

Joel: My daughter is a big Sesame Street fan. I wanted to do something she'll be proud of me for.

Nikki: How was taping the music video?

Joel: Fun! Reminds me of being home, playing around with family and having a good time.
electric co cast
bert & ernie of sesame street

After the shoot we meet with some of the The Electric Company cast members and toured the studio a little. Of course I had to say hello to some of my favorite Sesame Street friends.

The Electric Company is a multimedia literacy campaign that not only reaches out to kids on television, but wherever kids are: in the community through outreach initiatives, after-school programs and online. A new season will air next February. The show recently won 5 Emmys including Outstanding Children's Series. Visit The Electric Company at:

To learn more, visit - www.pbskidsgo.org/electriccompany

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  1. man i am all jealous. i love the madden brothers work. they seem down to earth inspite of their other worldly talent and fame.

    growing up, my cb radio handle was the cookie monster. i love sesame street. its partnership with the electric company is like hand in glove

  2. Those Madden boys are always so kind and just awesome. I'm happy you got to meet them!

    Do you know when the episode with them in it will be airing?

  3. okay I love good charlotte. This is a great shot.

    what un

  4. They are rock stars.....and their on a child's show.....??? That's awesome!!! Everybody love's Seseme Street!!!! I love the fact that it lets little kids here some good music!