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Pull-Ups Potty Dance Concert & Ralph Covert Interview

By April 09, 2011 ,

Huggies Pull-Ups hosted a Potty Dance Concert at the Babies"R"Us Union Square here in New York City. As a potty training mom I was excited that Pull-Ups invited me to meet and interview Ralph Covert along with attending the concert.

Pull-Ups Ralph Covert Interview

Note: I received a gift card to cover the concert. However views expressed are always 100% my own.

The Potty Dance Concert featured Grammy-nominated children's musician and lead singer of the group Ralph's World, Ralph Covert, who was there to lead families in doing The Potty Dance.

Before the potty dance concert I met with Ralph to find out more about him and his famous potty dance.

Onica Why do you think the Potty Dance is so successful with potty training kids?

Ralph Kids love music. Teaching them how to potty dance in a fun way takes away the stress and seriousness of going potty. Kids are using what they already know like crossing their feet, clapping their hands, etc. Also learning the steps with a parent is something any child loves doing. It's way for parents to connect in a fun way with their kids.

Onica Do you have children of your own?

Ralph Yes, I do. I have 3 older children and 1 toddler so I've gone through potty training and know how parents feel. Parents today have so many tools to help with Potty training and it's great.

Onica What has the reaction from parents?

Ralph I was so surprised with the success of the Potty Dance song. I've had so many parents who've come up to me, hug and then thank me for helping potty train their child. To know that my song is helping parents is amazing and humbling.

Onica What's next for you and your group Ralph's World

Ralph I'm coming out with a new album soon. I'm also working on a TV show which is very exciting.
Pull-Ups Babies R Us Concert
After our interview Ralph joined his group and started the concert for the children filling the Babies"R"Us Union Square room.

Pull-Ups Ralph Covert Concert
Pull-Ups Ralph Covert Concert
The kids jumped and danced around as Ralph's World played kid friendly and fun tunes.

Pull-Ups Ralph Covert Concert
During the concert parents received coupons and had a chance to entered to win giveaways. While winning something is always exciting, the smiles and laughter came from parents and care givers watching their kids enjoy doing the potty dance.

To learn the potty dance steps and download the song for FREE, as well as get advice about potty training visit - www.pull-ups.com

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