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Hulu Plus Subscription Review

By December 12, 2011 ,

This weekend I took a much needed break, sat back and enjoyed catching up on TV shows via Hulu. I confess that many of my friends have recommended Hulu but it took me a while to signup for an account.

Hulu Service

Please Note: I received a 3-month VIP Hulu Plus subscription for review purposes. No other compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

I just wasn't sure watching TV shows over the internet was for me. I wondered how hard it would be find use the site? Would I find any shows I wanted to watch? What happens if I need to pause and chase after my son?

I had some of my questions answered this year at Pepcom when I stopped by the Hulu table. At the table I watched as they demoed the Hulu Plus subscription service on a variety of Hulu Plus enabled devices, including Internet-connected TVs, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles and mobile devices. It all seemed simple enough.


Since I accepted an offer for 3-month VIP Hulu Plus subscription, this weekend I was able to enjoy some TV series.....over the internet. I have to say I found many movies and TV shows I wanted to watch. It was simple to search and filter to find something I wanted. Then with a click, I was watching.

If I wanted to pause then another click and whatever I was watching paused. As for the ads, they didn't interfere with viewing of the shows. They happened like mini commercials and last less then 20 seconds

I liked that I could watch a whole season of a TVs series easily. Once one episode finished, the next one would automatically cue to start. If I wanted to skip an episode, I could just go back to the main screen and choose which episode I wanted to see next. Simple.

Hulu Plus subscription

So what is Hulu?

Basically, Hulu is a free, ad-supported internet video service that offers a selection of premium TV shows, clips, movies, and more, provided by more than 300 companies, including ABC, A&E, Comedy Central, The CW, FOX, Lionsgate, MGM, MTV, National Geographic, NBC, Paramount, PBS, and Warner Bros. Television Group.

Besides the free service, there's Hulu Plus, a subscription service that offers TV shows and movies anytime in HD when available for $7.99 with limited advertising. Hulu Plus is now available on an installed base of more than 120 million internet-connected devices in the U.S.:

Beside watching Hulu shows and movies on the laptop you can connect via
  • TV and Blu-Ray Players
  • Set-top Boxes: Roku Streaming Players, Sony Network Media Player, TiVo Premiere DVRs, Western Digital’s WD TV Media Players
  • Gaming Consoles: PlayStation® 3 and Xbox 360, and coming soon: Wii and Nintendo 3DS
  • Mobile Devices: Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, select Android mobile phones and tablets
  • Other Network Appliances: Sony Dash
Hulu Plus Gift Cards

To learn more about Hulu Plus Gift Cards visit - www.hulu.com/gift

To learn more about Hulu Plus visit - www.hulu.com/plus

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