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EA Sports & Tottenham Hotspurs FIFA13 3D Headscan Technology

By August 05, 2012 , ,

I had the special opportunity last week to meet with EA Sports and the hot Tottenham Hotspurs FC and watch while they conducted 3D head scans of the players in Grand Central Station for the new FIFA 13 videogame.

Please Note: I was invited as media to this event. No other compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

Written by Christina Chin, who's hip, fashionable and located in New York City.

So the 3D head scan process, involving 18 digital cameras at different angles and 3D imaging technology, allows the EA Sports development team to capture high-quality 3D digital pictures of player to include in the game. This more accurate digital rendering of players in the game help provide a deeper immersion for gamers who want a more realistic football game with their favorite teams.

FIFA 13 continues to add additional teams like the Hotspurs using this 3D technology in each FIFA edition.

Before this new technology, traditionally it was a longer process that involved acquiring agency or football club photos and had video-game artists put together geometric shape of the head and texture and put together as close of a representation of the players, some more better than others. Now its much more simplified and faster process with the end result being much more authentic looking players.

I also had a chance to speak briefly with Simon Humber, EA Creative Director and asked some technical and not so technical questions on FIFA 13. I had a video of the interview but unfortunately the sound quality was horrible and could barely hear the conversation so below are the few questions and brief answers (I could hear) that I can provide!
Q:Will there be any sort of stat commentary by the commentators in game in Career Mode for players, like if a player is leading the league in goals or assists?

A: There is actually. (he got into more detail but that's where the sound cuts out!)

Q: Will there be commentary downloadable packs for all the languages to be available for all regions?

A: There will not be.

Q: Will you be able to ask for a substitution for your virtual pro in Player Career mode?

A: That work is on going at the moment (again, sound got fuzzy and couldn't hear the rest of his explanation!)

Q:How do I change my character to a female?

A: Unfortunately we don't have that ability :( (Boo!)

Q:Is there an Olympic mode and how do I unlock it?

A: No Olympic mode, we don't have the license to do the Olympics in this game (this was a silly question I asked but he took it very seriously!)

Q:I just scored a goal, how do I get my character to take his shirt off? (important question for female gamers! lol)

A: Again, technology for the future maybe, but without the ability to animate the cloth to take it off, can't do it!

It wasn’t all work though, I also was lucky enough to meet and greet a few of the Spurs players too! They were quite busy demo-ing the game playing themselves in the tournament as well as playing other teams (I heard they used Real Madrid and Barcelona quite a bit!) when they weren't getting their head scanned!

The event provided a chance to demo the new FIFA 13 that is slated to come out September 25th and to see the 3D head scan process in action! It wasn't all work for the players, they even got a chance to do a friendly FIFA 13 tournament amongst themselves to win an Xbox.

Players demo-ing FIFA 13

Meet & Greet Players!

Spurs Tournament Time!

The most sophisticated artificial intelligence ever achieved for the FIFA franchise will drive FIFA 13 on HD consoles and PC. All-new Attacking Intelligence enables players to analyse space, work harder and smarter to break down defenses, and think two plays ahead.

FIFA 13 will be available in stores world-wide this fall for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system with PlayStation Move support, Xbox 360 videogame and entertainment system with Kinect, PlayStation Vita handheld entertainment system, Wii , PC, PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, Nintendo 3DS, PSP (PlayStation Portable) system, iPhone , iPad , iPod touch and other mobile platforms.

The game has not yet been rated.

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