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Rubik Mix-n-Match Color Cubes Review #vlog

By December 12, 2012 ,

After attending the Tollytots Playdate for Operation Smile, I was sent one of the toys from their Rubik's collection. I kinda got the feeling they sensed I REALLY like the Rubik's toys line. Can you blame me? I grew up with the original Rubik's Cube and love the way it inspired toys for the next generation of child to play with.

Rubik's Mix n Match Color Cubes

Note: I received a product sample for review purpose.  Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

We received the Rubik's Mix n Match Color Cubes, which were so fun to review. The set includes nine cubes, five double-sided playing cards, and game base with a storage tray underneath for he cards. The idea behind the game is to turn the color cubes into a preschool game that taps into color identification, matching and building motor skills. I'd say they did a great job. Watch my video demo of my son (and I) playing the game.

As you can see from my video the Rubik's Mix n Match Color Cubes are really easy to use but offers lots of benefits for children. Interested to know about a few other items in the Rubik's toys line?

Rubik’s Sort & Solve Puzzle

Rubik’s Sort & Solve Puzzle (Age 6 months+) SRP $14.99 - Uses the classic Rubik's Cube to introduce babies to shapes, numbers, and colors. There are 18 different shape openings and shape pieces for the octagonal toy. Babies can match the color and shape of each piece to the opening with the correct color and shape. Each shape piece also has a number on it, so parents can play along and help babies sort the pieces into numerical order. All the pieces fit inside when playtime is over.

Rubik’s Rock & Roll Maze

Rubik’s Rock & Roll Maze (Age 3 yrs+) SRP $19.99 - Inspired by the engaging ball movement seen in games like pin ball and bagatelle, this unique game has a conical base that makes the maze so much more interesting to solve! Choose one of three different puzzle modes, then spin the unit to move the ball through the maze. Flashing lights indicate your target zone as music and sound effects add excitement.

To see other products in the Rubik's Toys Collection visit - www.tollytots.com/rubiks

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