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Interviewing Jamie Chung and Genesis Rodriguez for Big Hero 6

By November 13, 2014 ,

One of the things I LOVED about BIG HERO 6 is that the movie features not one but TWO female superheroes. While very different from each other “Go Go Tomago” (voiced by Jamie Chung) and “Honey Lemon” (voiced by Genesis Rodriguez) both brought something special to the team to help Hiro and Baymax .

Interviewing Jamie Chung and Genesis Rodriguez for Big Hero 6

Note: Thanks to Disney and ABC TV, who invited me on this all expense paid trip to Los Angeles for the Big Hero 6 Event and ABC TV Event. While I will share about the different events and activities during this trip, any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

During my Disney/ ABCTV L.A. Trip, both Jamie Chung and Genesis Rodriguez joined our group to talk about their character roles in BIG HERO 6. The ladies were so animated and had lots to share not only about “Go Go Tomago” and “Honey Lemon” but also about their real selves.

Since both “Go Go Tomago” and “Honey Lemon” have such strong character personalities, I asked Jamie and Genesis

How similar are you to your characters.

Jamie Chung: In terms of Go Go Tomago being an adrenaline Junkie and being sassy, I do feel like I embody those characteristics. And Genesis is just Honey Lemon, happy, perky, awesome, smart woman.

I think the interesting thing when you add a voice to a personality, it really does come alive. And if you look at each character and compare them to the person that's playing them, like they embody that Character. Like Genesis to me is Honey Lemon. It's her own personal attributes that kind of gives this character life, and I think that's what they did with Casting. They wanted the Characters to kind of represent the Actors that are playing them.

Other group questions Jamie and Genesis answered included:

Favorite part about playing your character

Jamie Chung: I think the favorite in particular with this Character, Go Go is that she doesn’t say a lot at the beginning of the film. But when she does say something, it's very on point and quite sassy. She was described to me as the Female version of Clint Eastwood in the group. And it was just fun to sass it up.

Genesis Rodriguez: And for me with Honey Lemon, it was having to be so positive all the time.

Did you like playing strong female character?

Jamie Chung: Absolutely. What I love about this film is that there is no stereotype. It kind of breaks all of those boundaries in terms of being a Nerd and being not cool. This is the absolute opposite of that.

And in terms of strong female Characters, like Honey Lemon and Go Go are so different from each other and yet they both represent strength in their own way. What Disney is great about, is not a Cookie Cutter example of a strong woman. They both come in different shapes, sizes, etc

What did you wear to get into characters

Genesis Rodriguez: What's weird, is that I did the audition exactly like Honey Lemon and I hadn't seen the character at all. I took a very bold fashion choice. I wore socks in heels and an undershirt and a dress over it. And I don't normally dress like that at all. I don't know why I went like that. Then I saw Honey Lemon and the way she dressed and thought this is freaky. I couldn't have land it better.

Will the movie change perspective on certain things?

Jamie Chung: In terms of like sending the right message, it is a Superhero movie but it stresses the importance of education and Science. I love that the message it sends is intelligence is not sex or race biased. Everyone is equal and everyone has that same opportunity to reach that milestone in terms of education.

Genesis Rodriguez: I was so excited for a movie to talk about Robots and Technology. I was into Robotics too and I'm an official Nerd. So to have a movie that's making girls want to be in Technology and be smart, I hope girls will want to be like that after this movie. They they'll be the first ones to raise their hands in class and realize that being smart is empowering.

For me both ladies were empowering and smart in their own ways. As a fellow female science nerd and techie, it was great to meet and talk with them.

Learn more, visit - www.disney.com/BigHero6

Facebook - www.facebook.com/DisneyBigHero6
Twitter - www.twitter.com/DisneyAnimation

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