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Jackie Collins Interview for The Santangelos Book

By June 30, 2015 ,

The infamous Jackie Collins joined a group of media influencers, at the posh Hotel Plaza Athenee, to discuss all the juiciness of her lateness book, The Santangelos during a Secrets, Revenge, and Sex Book Club Event hosted by Get Red PR and Socially Speaking Media!

Onica Cupido Jackie Collins Interview for The Santangelos Book

photo credit: Socially Speaking Media

Note: I was invited as media to the event/interview and received a copy of The Santangelos for review purpose. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

I was scheduled to be there but had a change of plans due to a sick child. All parents know that situation. While I couldn't join the group in person, I did join them live to follow the chatter via twitter. The group did an amazing job sharing photos from the event and tweeting what Jackie Collins shared about the book!

But I still had questions! So you can imagine how excited (and grateful) I was when a few days later the Get Red PR and Socially Speaking Media team offered me another chance to interview Jackie Collins. I would get my questions answered!

Jackie Collins Interview for The Santangelos Book

photo credit: Socially Speaking Media

Now let me say, I was super nervous as I called into the interview. Then I heard a hello. I paused. Did I dial the right number? Shouldn't there a conference call prompt or something? So I explained to the lady on the phone, I'm calling for the Jackie Collins interview.

The woman on the phone says: Yes I am Jackie Collins

*my heart stops* then starts beating faster*

Wait, she answers the phone herself?! Who does that?! Apparently Jackie Collins does! And this actually sets the tone for the interview. That same easy going way Jackie answered the phone is the same way she continued to be for the interview.

Before starting the interview, we make small talk about why I missed being at the event (she noticed! and remembered!), how my son was feeling now and how she enjoyed the idea of tea and desserts while chatting with the group.

Then I had to know.....

 Jackie Collins Interview for The Santangelos Book

The Santangelos Book comes out a bit after the last book. But you've been writing about this family for years. How do you keep the storytelling going?

Jackie Collins: My stories features characters that are part of life. They evolve and live like anyone else. The stories of their lives while fiction are universal. People can relate and see connections in their lives.

I'm also a pop culture junkie. I like to keep up with what's going on and that also part of it.

Your books are known for featuring strong female characters.

Jackie Collins: Yes I think it's important to show strong women. We as woman have to fight hard for what we want. Especially as we get older. Woman who are over 30 play grandmothers. But men over 30 can be sexy and play any role. I think no matter age, there should be a diversity of roles.

Well currently there's a strong refresh of the Feminism movement happening that many women are getting strength from.

Jackie Collins: Yes I've noticed that the Feminism movement has become intense. Women are becoming more powerful but on the other hand they are getting naked. *laughs* That's not power for women. Women need to respect themselves.

I try to empower women. So many women lose themselves at points. But it's important to show women they need to do something for themselves.

Speaking of strong women, lets talk about Lucky Santangelo. She's a strong woman and wife but also mother. Talk about developing the mother side of her

Jackie Collins: Lucky is a great mother and wife. She's connected to her husband as a partner. While she keeps her husband first, her children are just as important as Lenny.

While Lenny is a protective father, he's more so for the daughter and instead of the son. Lucky goes through so much in the book to be there for both kids. It was important that readers saw Lucky as a nurturing mother.

Can you share about your writing process? I heard you still write out stories. Do you use the technology during the story process?

Jackie Collins: I love the process of writing on paper. I still do it and will write out ideas and stories this way. But I do my research on computers and use technology in may other ways. I love Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I'm very active there. Social media is a great way to reach and connect with my readers.

I also do podcast. I currently have one about Whatever Happened to Foreplay? (www.jackiecollins.com/podcast/)

It's very important to get to know someone before you start having sex. First intimacy happens with your clothing on.

Many women in my generation have grown up reading your books, but for the newer generation, can you share why they'll also enjoy reading your books

Jackie Collins: I enjoy being a story teller not just a writer, so my books are fun and fast reads. The Santangelos is 500 pages but once you start reading it's a page turn that keeps you going.

I have to agree with Jackie about The Santangelos books being a real page turner. Don't let the size of the book scare you. Once you start reading, you'll want to know what happened next. Page by page. It's a great summer books to read while on the beach, traveling to visit friends or at home stealing a few moments for yourself.

To learn more, visit - www.jackiecollins.com

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