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T.D. Jakes Interview for Miracles From Heaven Movie

By March 16, 2016 ,

I recently screened MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN, which is based on an incredible true story of the Beam family and the miracles in their lives. I was so amazed by both the storyline and the message of the movie. It truly is inspiring.

T.D. Jakes Interview for Miracles From Heaven Movie

Note: Hosted by Sony Pictures, I was invited as media to the movie screening and press junket interviews. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

To learn more about the message in MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN, I had the chance to interview Bishop T.D. Jakes a Producer for the film along with DeVon Franklin.

Our interview also inspired and left me amazed. Bishop T.D. Jakes shared a bit about the process of making the movie, how to deal with trials in our lives and why the story of MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN will appeal to everyone. We can all be a miracle in another person's life!

Miracles From Heaven Movie

Onica {Mommy Factor}: How did you become familiar with the story, with this family and their experience?

Bishop T.D. Jakes: The Beam Family had chosen an literally agent, that happen to be my literally agent so that really how we cam across the story. They also live not far from us in Dallas. We thought the story was a very powerful and provocative story.
So I began to have some conversations with DeVon Franklin and Sony was looking for a sequel for Heaven is for Real. So we thought while it was a different story, we thought it (Miracles from Heaven) was synergistic with Heaven is for Real in a lot ways; child's story, miraculous story told through the eyes of a child. We thought it would be perfect.

Miracles From Heaven Movie

Onica {Mommy Factor}: Can you talk about the process of meeting the Beam family and bringing the story to life on screen, especially with the spiritual aspect. I don't know if your "faith" matched up with the Beam family "faith". But telling their story and you being a part of it, can you talk about that process?

Bishop T.D. Jakes: When you think about the Beam family, one aspect of it centers around faith, a lot of it centers around fear, doubt and worry. It's as much about family as it is anything. It just so happens that the Beam family are christian. But I think the story is a universal story that can reach anybody from any walk of life.

Because, its about a valiant mother who's fighting for her child and a family that's in a crisis, in a way that I think a lot of people will really find residence.

We met the Beam family, thought that they were amazing people and began to cast around them. When you see people like Jennifer Garner, who was amazing in the role and did a tremendous job. And when you see her with Christy Beam, the synergy between the two of them was absolutely amazing. I thought that Jennifer really bought a lot to the film in terms of portraying Christy and the whole struggle with Anna, her illness and the whole process of her recuperation.

Miracles From Heaven Movie

Onica {Mommy Factor}: One of the main points of Miracles of Heaven movie is miracles. Lot of times people think miracles have to be like the whole parting of the sea or this whole big event. But the movie made a very important point, that miracles can be simple things that sometimes we don't notice. What do you think about that?

Bishop T.D. Jakes: That was one of my biggest excitement about this movie, it broads the definition of miracles. While the main miracle with what happen to Anna is paramount to the story, but there's also the little things that happen to all of us everyday. We have a tendency to not be aware of and I think that the movie reminds us, to look for miracles.

What I really love about the film is that it takes ordinary people, working at cash registers, or check out counters, or in restaurants and says you have a chance to be a miracle in someone else's life by extending kindness to them beyond your job description.

I told someone, it's a people's movie because it really allows us to reevaluate those of us who just work in everyday ordinary jobs. We have an opportunity to be a blessing or a miracle in someone's life by the way we handle them and go an extra mile to service their needs in times of crisis.

Miracles From Heaven Movie 

Onica {Mommy Factor}: One of the issue when people are going through a trial in their life, is they wonder why. Why is GOD allowing this to happen to me?! And they begin to lose faith, instead of increasing faith. For people going through struggles in their lives right now, like how Christy went through her faith struggle, What advice do you give to them?

Bishop T.D. Jakes: When other people ask themselves why me, I ask myself why not. One thing for Christian faith is that if God didn't spare his only son, why would he spare me from going through trails of life? And I think that faith is proven not by the way we are spared from tragedy, but how we endure, survive and become wiser, stronger, richer, brighter, fuller and more sensitive, because of the adversity that goes on in our lives.

And that is a miracle, surviving is a miracle. I think that as we mature, we come to realize that faith is proven in the furnace of affliction. In the bowls of adversity when we find ourselves in chaotic circumstances. It's not that we are always spared from it, but that we are kept through it, that becomes the miraculous story. That comes into our lives as our hair grows white.

Miracles From Heaven Movie

Onica {Mommy Factor}: In terms of story telling. I know being a Bishop of a church uses one form of story telling, but now your producing and being involved with films, which you have been for a while. How is the film story telling process different for you? Is this another way for you to share a message? Or is this something of a side hobby?

Bishop T.D. Jakes: I think it's a little bit of both. I think that you can not infiltrate a culture that you wont engage. If we are the salt of the earth, we have to get out of the salt shaker and interact with people on a daily basis. Jesus walked the streets and dealt with everybody in a very practical and pragmatic way.

Most of Jesus miracles, message and ministry was not done in the synagogues, it was done amongst ordinary people. So in one way it is an extension of the ministry.

But in another way, I have to be honest, it's also a side hobby. There's an entertainment company that's built around it. It's a company where you have T.D Jakes is the President/CEO. It's a company from which I can have another outlet, another expression of me because I'm a person, I'm not just a preacher.

Miracles From Heaven Movie

Onica {Mommy Factor}: Is there anything in peculiar that you wanted to share for families, who aren't sure if this is a movie they should see? Cause it's pretty heavy. I cried throughout the whole thing.

Bishop T.D. Jakes: I'll just say that I'm proud that it's a movie you can take your grandmother or your grandchildren to. There's very few movies that will hold your attention, that you can bring anyone and still enjoy it.

Another thing that I'm proud of is that we have a female, Latina director.

And while the story is written about a mother and daughter fighting a crisis, but the father is also a valiant, strong and resultant man. I'm glad that the film doesn't emasculate men just to honor and recognize women.

I think its the kind of film that anybody can go to and really enjoy it in a significant way. I encourage families to come take a look and see if they like it.

A very special thank you to Bishop T.D. Jakes for taking the time to talk to me about MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN, opening in theaters March 16, 2016.

Miracles From Heaven movie poster


When Christy discovers her 10-year-old daughter Anna (Kylie Rogers) has a rare, incurable disease, she becomes a ferocious advocate for her daughter’s healing as she searches for a solution.

As Christy searches she befriends Angela Bradford (Queen Latifah), who helps bring everyday joy and hope back to the Beam family.

After Anna has a freak accident, an extraordinary miracle unfolds in the wake of her dramatic rescue that leaves medical specialists mystified, her family’s faith restored and their community inspired.

CAST INCLUDES: Jennifer Garner (Christy Beam), Kylie Rogers (Anna Beam), Martin Henderson (Kevin Beam), Queen Latifah (Angela Bradford), John Carroll Lynch (Pastor Scott), and Eugenio Derbez (Dr. Nurko)

PRODUCERS: Joe Roth, T. D. Jakes and DeVon Franklin
SCREENPLAY: By Randy Brown based on the book, "Miracles From Heaven" by Christy Beam

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