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5 Household Gadgets to Get You Ready for Cinco de Mayo

By April 22, 2016

Get ready to kick off the season with a Cinco de Mayo celebration. Serve up margaritas, fresh guacamole, and other "Viva Mexico" inspired treats with these 5 fiesta ready gadgets from Trudeau!

5 Household Gadgets to get you ready for Cinco de Mayo

3 in 1 Stainless Steel Avocado Slicer (MSRP $5.99)

Either for slicing up fresh avocado to add to salads or for making fresh, homemade guacamole for chips 'n' guac' - pitting and removing the avocado from its skin has never been easier and cleaner. No need to keep switching between slippery knives and spoons with this 3 in 1 tool. The sharp edge smoothly cuts an avocado in half, the pointed tip removes the pit and the curved rim swifty scoops out the flesh from the rind. Ole!

Bar Boards (MSRP $4.99)

These Bar Boards are made of high-density polypropylene and have a non-skid back so they won’t dull knives or slide around the counter when in use. Each set of two comes in two colors and features six classic summer cocktail recipes including the Cinco de Mayo favored Margarita! Flexible construction bends easily to transfer prepped items to a bowl or pan.

Elite Recipe Cocktail Shaker (MSRP $39.99)

Everyone becomes a professional mixologist with this easy-to-use Recipe Cocktail Shaker. Make the perfect holiday inspired Margarita, Tequila Sunrise and Pina Colada! Wow guests by delivering eight top specialty cocktails. Simply twist the shaker to display recipe choice and exact ingredient's measurements. The shaker is constructed of a durable stainless steel and the lid includes a built in strainer. Recipes included Cosmopolitan, Dry Martini, Grasshopper, Kamikaze, Margarita, Pina Colada, Pink Lady and Tequila Sunrise. Comes gift-boxed and ready to gift.

Glass Rimmer (MSRP $8.99)

Margaritas come to mind instantly, and what better way to celebrate than with a Cinco De Mayo treat? The Trudeau 2 in 1 Glass Rimmer provides the perfect cocktail prep and presentation for a variety of drinks where a rim full of sugar or salt provides the finishing touch. The Rimmer has a wide diameter that makes it easy to flavor the rim of any sized glass and larger fashionable stemware. Raised center provides the perfectly rim of salt, pepper, or flavored sugars. The base includes an integrated citrus reamer for simple juicing of limes and lemons.

Deluxe Shot Glass (MSRP $5.99)

Take May 5th festivities to a measured level with a shot of tequila or favorite liquor. The ounce marker lines on this glass allow you to create novelty shot recipes with perfect precision. This Deluxe Shot Glass from Trudeau is perfect for drinking to the history of the holiday and toasting to future celebrations.

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