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Meeting the Speechless Cast & Set Tour

By November 30, 2016 , ,

After interviewing Scott Silveri about ABC Speechless series, I was able to tour the set and meet the cast members Minnie Driver (“Maya Dimeo”), John Ross Bowie (“Jimmy Dimeo”), Micah Fowler (“JJ Dimeo”), Mason Cook (“Ray Dimeo”), Kyla Kenedy (“Dylan Dimeo”) and Cedric Yarbrough (“Kenneth”).

Meeting the Speechless Cast Minnie Driver and John Ross Bowie

Note: Disney and ABC TV invited me on this all expense paid trip to Los Angeles for the Moana Event and ABC TV Event. While I will share different events and activities during the trip, any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

Getting to tour a set is always a fun experience. Not only do you get to see the space you watch weekly up close and personal, but you also get some behind the scene info about the characters and what goes into making the series.

The cast of Speechless was really sweet to meet. First we met Minnie Driver (“Maya Dimeo”) and John Ross Bowie (“Jimmy Dimeo”), who were excited to meet us and share little bits about being on the series. They both are proud to be on a show that shows this type of family in a real way.

 photo speechlesstour2.jpg

Then we met Mason Cook (“Ray Dimeo”) and Kyla Kenedy (“Dylan Dimeo”), who was amazed so many of us came to the set to learn more about the show. They may be young but they were both very gracious while meeting us.

 photo speechlesstour3.jpg

Micah Fowler (“JJ Dimeo”) met us next and nearly made the whole group cry. He thank us for taking time to visit and learn more about the show. It was truly a special moment to meet him.

 photo speechlesstour5.jpg

After those meeting we headed over to the set to see where all the filming is done.

 photo speechlesstour4.jpg

While walking into one room on set, we met Cedric Yarbrough (“Kenneth”) who was so funny with the group. He spent time talking with us and sharing about the humor of the show.

 photo speechlesstour6.jpg
 photo speechlesstour7.jpg
 photo speechlesstour8.jpg

It was so surreal walking around the areas you'd see on TV. We walked around in the living room, kitchen and bed room areas.

 photo speechlesstour9.jpg

Most of the sets are fully done with little open area's for the directors and other cast to sit while filming.

While it was nice to see the Speechless set, we had to head out so they could keep filming scenes. LOL

ABC Speechless TV Series

If you are a fan of the show, get ready for the episode “R-A-Y-C RAY-CATION” airing Nov 30, 2016 on ABC at 8:30 ET.


Maya enlists the family to assist JJ in romancing a girl at school, but it backfires when JJ expresses his feelings to Claire, and they are not reciprocated. Meanwhile, as the DiMeos are always late, Ray has the family practice to get to school in time for his upcoming weekend field trip

To learn more about Speechless, visit www.abc.com/shows/speechless

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On Twitter - www.twitter.com/Speechless_ABC  (#Speechless)
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