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Red Baron Pizza 'Baroness' Encourages Moms

By June 08, 2017

To learn how Red Baron pizza helps moms navigate mealtime chaos, I was invited to meet the Baroness, a character created to appeal to - moms.

Note: I was invited as media to this event. However, any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

To prepare me for my "meeting" with the Baroness, I first learned about the different Red Baron Pizza products including multi-serve pizza crust varieties - Classic Crust, Brick Oven and Thin & Crispy – each with a signature texture that bakes to just the right crunch, and topped with robust sauce, real cheese and a variety of premium toppings.

For individual meal occasions, Red Baron offers Deep Dish Singles, French Bread, Deep Dish Minis and Breakfast Scrambles.

Then I received a few pampering services including getting makeup, my nails painted and decorating my own bomber jacket with "mom" themed quotes. I had a lot of fun picking witty patches for my jacket.

After all that I was ready to meet the Baroness #WingMama!

But the Baroness isn't just a character, she is also a real life mom, comedian Kristin Hensley, who understands the struggle moms deal with while juggling life, parenting and mealtimes!

The Baroness signature look, includes a bomber jacket adorned with different patches she has earned throughout the years as a mom.

Each patch represents different experiences, roles and battles moms typically face every day, from Clean Plate Club to Tantrum Slayer – likely a title she earned by surviving a standoff with a four-year-old over broccoli. Some patches will also be inspired by classic phrases or “mom-isms” like “Ask Your Dad,” “Nailed It” and “Whatever Works.

Red Baron understands parenting perfection only really existed in 1950s sitcoms. Now, Red Baron wants to celebrate the moms that live by their own rules, whether she’s surviving the chaos that comes at mealtimes or literally any other minute in-between.”

Learn more, visit - www.RedBaron.com

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