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Playtime with aibo robot puppy at Sony Square NYC

By August 27, 2018 ,

Sony Electronics will offer a special First Litter Edition of its aibo autonomous robotic "puppy" companion in the United States. To help people learn more about the aibo puppy, Sony brought it to Sony Square NYC for a meet and playdate.

Free play with a robotic "puppy"!? Of course, we had to go and welcome Sony's aibo to NYC! Seems the aibo was just as excited to meet and play with us.

My son spent time learning how to "pet" the aibo, along with getting it to do tricks. The aibo sat down, juggled a ball and give high fives. It was really cute. My son really enjoyed his time with the aibo.

When it was someone else turn for playtime with the aibo, we went around and checked out the other activities including taking a photo to post on social media in exchange for a coin to the Gacha Gacha machine. We received a aibo button badge.

We also saw display featuring the evolution of aibo puppy robot. It's amazing to see the different versions over the years. Yes the aibo has been around for years. But this latest version is so different from the original.

First introduced in 1999, the latest design of aibo is the sixth generation of Sony's companion robot. Unlike previous versions, it pairs cutting-edge robotics with a new, cloud-connected artificial intelligence (AI) engine and advanced image sensors, giving aibo the ability to learn and recognize faces.

As aibo interacts with people over time, it develops its own unique personality through everyday interactions, enabling it to remember what actions make its owner happy and form a deep bond with members of the household.

Make sure you visit Sony Square NYC to get your own playtime with it!

aibo will be exhibited at Sony Square NYC from August 24th to October 14th. The exhibit is open to the public and is the only place to experience aibo before it goes on sale.

For more information, visit - www.sony.com/square-nyc

To get the latest aibo updates, visit - www.sony.com/aibo

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