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Going into my birthday hopeful

By September 30, 2019

This month I turned one year older. But it's not with excitement. It's not even about getting one year older. I don't mind growing old. I'm always excited about that.

No. This year my lack of excitement is due to just being tired. Emotionally. Mentally. And to an extent, physically.

Photo by Nick Owuor (astro.nic.visuals) on Unsplash

Last year was so draining to me. So many ways. As usual with life, some were unexpected such as dealing with the illness and death of my sister...and everything that came after that. Others were my own actions. Actions I honestly didn't think all the way through. Instead I just went ahead and did things anyway. And now I have to deal with what comes after with that also.

They say you get wiser as you get older. It's so true. But wisdom is sometimes a double edge sword. We clearly see the mistakes we made and the hardships we lead ourselves into. Thankfully we also learn how to deal with them and hopefully get onto a better path.

So as I welcome another year of life in this world, I'm planning (and hoping) to go into this new year towards better. Cause what is the purpose to keep living, if we're not doing better each year.

Happy Birthday to me, right?

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