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Defragmenting My Online Life

By January 20, 2022

I took off in December 2021 and January 2022 to "sort" things out. At least for my online lifestyle. For the last few years things changed. And kept changing.

It got to a point I wasn't sure what I was suppose to be doing, posting or reading anymore.

Actually that's not true. I've always knew what I wanted to share and connect with others online. But it's been so much hardier now with everyone dealing with so much "stuff".

And posting about it. But not really wanting to connect beyond a "like", a brief comment or a social "share". No direct messages, no phone calls and certainly no live meeting for coffee.

I try to keep my "core" focus of trying to connect online with others, but honestly things, and people, have changed. And considering what's happening within the last few years, maybe it should. But maybe, in some ways it shouldn't.

I love social media, especially when it helps me connect with others around the world, during this scary and lonely time as we try to survive a pandemic and other world changing events. But the flip side of this is, that social media can only connect people so much. We still need "real" positive interactions with each other.

I still feel strongly about finding others to connect with. But now I have to do it differently, with a virtual mask and six feet guidelines.

So I took time to figure out what things should change, and what should remain for me. As I do each end/start of the year, I took time to get my own guidelines and boundaries in place. I wont bore you with all the details, but I'll be less active and more selective while connecting online.

Part of that meant letting go of things and people, that aren't helping me continue to "connect", grow and move forward. The other part is starting new habits and finding a different ways and people to connect with.

Which means organizing, changing and getting rid of anything that's not fitting my current goals and aspirations.

With a few modifications, I know I'll get the results I want in 2022. Honestly it's never easy to keep the process going once started, but I've done this enough times to know, my life will flow smoother, once I clean things up and get it in order again.

How have you cleaned up your "online" life for 2022

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