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Augmented Reality in Marvel Avengers Super Hero App Game

By April 27, 2012 ,

Fans of Marvel's The Avengers, prepare for game play! In advance of the film release of Marvel's The Avengers on May 4, only Walmart customers will have access to the Super Hero Augmented Reality (AR) game featuring their favorite Avengers, including Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow.

Walmart Marvel Avengers Super Hero Augmented Reality game

This new "Super Hero AR" app is available now for download at the iTunes App Store and Android Market. Once downloaded, customers have instant access to Hawkeye, and only from the aisles of their local Walmart stores, customers can then "unlock" the superpowers of the five remaining Avengers and ultimately save the world.

With more than 100 million augmented reality-capable smartphones in operation today1, Walmart is putting the devices to good use. Customers can use "Super Hero AR" in two modes, Game Mode and Photo Capture Mode. Here is how it works:


Game Mode: Collect All Six Superpowers and Save the World

  • Download the "Super Hero AR" App from the iTunes App Store or Android Market that also includes instant access to Hawkeye and his superpowers;
  • Visit a local Walmart with your enabled smart device;
  • Seek out specific images on Marvel's The Avengers signage located in various departments around the store including apparel, grocery, toys and wireless;*
  • Aim your smart devices at the target image to unlock each Super Hero's power;
  • Collect the powers of the five remaining Avengers and get a chance to defeat Loki and win the game.


Photo Capture Mode (available for iOS and Android): Take a Photo with Your Favorite Avenger
  • Activate "photo capture mode" from an Marvel's The Avengers DVD pallet in-store; a 3-D model of the Super Hero depicted on the DVD pallet will become visible on your phone;
  • Take a photo with your favorite Avenger;
  • Share it with friends on Facebook or via email.
Fans that just can't get enough will have another shot at bringing both Black Widow and Hawkeye to life. They can find a Hawkeye image in the April 29th Walmart newspaper circular and utilize the "Super Hero AR" app to activate the feature or look for an image of Black Widow to bring her to life by visiting www.walmart.com/TheAvengers

In addition, beginning on April 26,T-Mobile representatives will help customers navigate the terrain and unlock each Super Hero's power, bringing them one step closer to defeating Loki, and saving the world in the final level of the game.

In select stores, the grocery section will also offer shoppers food and beverage samples of Avengers-themed products such as Dr. Pepper, Red Baron Pizza and Hershey's chocolate candies.

For more information on the "Super Hero AR" App visit www.walmart.com/TheAvengers or visit the iTunes App Store or Android Market.

To learn more about Marvel's The Avengers visit http://marvel.com/avengers_movie/

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  1. This looks fun. Maybe I should go out and buy myself an Android phone so I can play cool games like these! :)

  2. Works with iphone or android so no limits to you getting that photos with Thor :)