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Dining Styling Tips Loom & Table Linens

By September 01, 2022 ,

Enjoy entertaining family and friends with good food and decor! Whether an intimate gathering or a star-spangled banger, add fun and personal style to your tablecloths, runners, napkins and more with Loom & Table’s linens.

Styling Tips with Loom & Table Linens for Get-Togethers

To get some idea families can use, I reached out to Rebecca Laufer, Loom & Table’s brand designer, and received these recommendations:

Trend forecast: I predict that this year's tablescape styles will be patriotic, as always, but more toned down as opposed to typical "in-your-face" patriotism.

Picture: interspersed red and blue napkins with a simple white tablecloth to serve as a canvas, moving the focus to the table's accents and, of course, the food and guests.

Rebecca tablescapes recommendations?

Styling Tips with Loom & Table Linens for Labor Day

White Juniper Tablecloth

A versatile piece that can be used again and again, this tablecloth serves as a blank canvas for any tablescape – let your imagination run wild!

Garnet & Lapis Spindle Napkins

For a patriotic yet posh look, intersperse these red and blue napkins which work just as well on their own as they do together!

Styling Tips with Loom & Table Linens for Get-Togethers

Plan on hosting more get together events? You can depend on Loom & Table high-quality, made-to-measure tablecloths, runners, and napkins to set the tone.

Sage Willow Tablecloth

Checkered and chic, this woven design showcases a neat, geometric pattern, adding understated dimension to any tablescape.

Maple White Napkins

Smooth, soft, and glossy, these napkins feature interwoven threads that create a linen-like appearance while maintaining a smooth, soft, and glossy texture. Finished with a refined hemstitch border, these napkins blend elegance and utility, making them perfect for both casual and formal dining.

Cream Cedar Tablecloth

Understated elegance. Interlocking woven threads give our Cedar collection its iconic textured look and feel. Whether being used during a meal or simply as decor, our Cedar linens are the perfect companions for your table.

Gold Aspen Napkins

Sleek, sheen, and with just the right amount of texture, our Aspen collection is perfect for any occasion. An intricately woven diamond design creates an aesthetically pleasing two-tone color effect that dazzles the eye.

Unlike other retailers who may only have standard sizes and shapes to choose from, Loom & Table offers a wide variety of options to outfit any dining space, regardless of shape or size.

Use the easy-to-use custom-sizing tool to confidently make a purchase, while eliminating the headaches and markups of visiting fabric stores or seamstresses.

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