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Julianne Moore Q&A for Freckleface The Musical

By February 12, 2012 ,

Today I was invite by The MOMS to a special performance of Freckleface, The Musical at Manhattan Movement & Art Center. After the show attendees would attend a post-show Q&A with Julianne Moore, actress and author of the popular children’s book “Freckleface Strawberry”.

Freckleface The Musical

Note: I was invited to attended this event as press and received tickets and a gift bag. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

Freckleface The Musical

The musical itself told the story of a little 7 year old Strawberry who is being teased by friends because she has a "freckled" face. Strawberry doesn't like the teasing and tries to get rid of her freckles – from scrubbing them with soap, to caking on makeup, and even wearing a ski mask to school.

Through a series of skits with song and dance, plus encouraging moments with her mom, eventually Strawberry understand that everyone is different and it's ok. But really the idea of Strawberry's freckles is used to help children learn about tolerance and self acceptance.

Julianne Moore

During the Q&A, Julianne shared that she did have the real life experience of being teased about her freckles. While she eventually grew to accept them (sorta) she wrote the book to help other children who were going through the "self awareness" stage of their lives.

On stage Julianne answered questions from kids in the audience. The kids asked a variety of questions like, what's Julianne favorite part of the musical? What's her little brothers name in the book? How many freckles does Julianne have?

I was impressed that Julianne answered all questions with witty good humor.

To learn more about Freckleface, The Musical, visit - www.frecklefacethemusical.com

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