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Beauty & Wellness Lavender Products

By February 02, 2023 ,

Do you enjoy the scent of Lavender? Not only does it smell great, the health benefits include having a soothing and calming effect on how you feel and state of mind.

So I'm sharing a few Lavender products for beauty and wellness benefits.

Beauty & Wellness Lavender Products

Lavender Wheat Bag - $35.00

This lavender wheat warmer can give many hours of relief from aches and pains, a wide variety of injuries and ailments, including headaches, stress and tension.

The wheat warmer is filled with real lavender and wheat grains that, when heated in the microwave, provide effective pain relief as it targets any part of the body.

Learn more, visit - www.greenandheath.co.uk

Jasmine, Lavender & Mandarin Body Scrub - $15.00

The scrubs are a gentle exfoliant, supplemented by a blend of fragrance oils to help open pores as you massage and deliver a deeper cleanse and will soften and nourish your skin.

Free from harsh chemicals. Sweet Almond Oil is packed with vitamin E, which may help protect the skin from sun damage and premature aging. Coconut Oil keeps skin moisturized and helps to heal wounds.

Learn more, visit - www.tallchicnaturals.com

True Lavender Essential Oil (2-Pack) - $17.99

Sourced from Bulgaria and is ideal to help ease insomnia and anxiety and promote relaxation, calm, and balance. It's 10% pure, natural and sustainably harvested.

Learn more, visit - www.gurunanda.com

Lavender Room Spray - $8.00

A soothing fragrance inspired by the fresh lavender fields of Provence. A refreshing and long-lasting air freshener designed to create a special atmosphere in your home or give an instant burst of fragrance to your workplace.

Ideal for use in the bathroom, car, bedroom and living spaces. With approximately 800 sprays per bottle, these air fresheners are made with a naturally derived base and scented with the finest quality fragrances.

Learn more, visit - www.buckleyandphillips.com.au

Lavender & Shea Moisture Shave - $7.95

Treat your skin to moisturizing indulgence! This formula gives a comfy, close shave and is: vegan & cruelty free a 4 in 1 cream formula that soothes, smooths and hydrates.

Learn more, visit - www.kissmyface.com

Magnesium Enriched Deodrant Lavender + Rosemary - $9.49

Aluminum-free and dries quickly and allows the body to function naturally without blocking pores. It’s non-irritating, dermatologist-tested to be hypoallergenic, and perfect for all skin types. It also provides 24-hour odor control without the mess, greasy residue, or white stains on skin and clothes!

Learn more, visit - www.thecrystal.com

Lavender Jelly

Award Winning manufacturers of high quality jams, chutney, marmalade, sauces and Jellies. Culinary Lavender is incredibly versatile and is the ideal jellyment for desserts and baking.

Spread on warm toast, pair with grilled or roast chicken or stir into custard. However you choose to dip, spread, stir or spoon, Briscoe’s Lovely Lavender Jelly will enhance your favourite recipes.

Small batch, artisan jellies, made in Yorkshire, are gluten-free, dairy-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Learn more, visit - www.topdrawer.co.uk

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