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Handl Ergonomic SmartPhone Grip Collection

By February 06, 2023

Are you starting to have hand muscle aches from holding your smartphone for hours? Allen Hirsch, a fine art painter recognized the grip problem years ago, and invented HANDL, an ergonomic cell phone grip that prevents stiffness and muscle pain.

Handl Ergonomic SmartPhone Grips Collection

HANDL is not designed to be a phone grip; it's precisely the opposite. It allows the phone to comfortably "grip" your hand.

HANDL is a patented multi-useful “phone grip” that securely holds the phone in hand for easier texting, creating videos, or taking photos and selfies. Then can quickly transform into a kickstand that flips between landscape and portrait modes for more accessible viewing of photos, movies, or just reading the news.

HANDL O Series

The circle is the symbol of flow, rotation, symmetry, and perfection. The O features a patented elastic loop which allows standard HANDL flexibility and ergonomics with additional versatility - including the ability to hold your phone with just one finger! And as with all HANDL products, O converts easily to a full landscape and portrait stand.

The HANDL O Wild features animal prints and textures such as leopard, cheetah, snakeskin and gator. Like in nature, each Wild product is unique with distinct pattern and color variations.

Classic, professional styles and colors including Carbon Fiber, Black, White and Rose Gold are among some of the styles that comprise the HANDL O Elements collection.

Show off your bling with the HANDL O Sparkle Collection, featuring bright sparkly crystals in a variety of colors including gold, silver, and rose gold.

The HANDL O Wild, Elements and Sparkle Collections, available for $14.99, feature HANDL’s patented elastic brace and stand system in a variety of finishes.

magHANDL Collection

Now you can take off your HANDL to magSafe charge or switch styles to match your mood or outfit. The magHANDL combines magnetic force with microsuction material and can connect directly to your bare phone or with the accompanying adhesive ring base to your phone or case.

magHANDL is crafted and engineered with quality precision molded parts to create the most compact and functional HANDL yet.

A special adhesive mirror ring base is also included with magHANDL products and provides a more secure connection to your phone, while also serving as a convenient mirror when the magHANDL is removed. Use of the mirror disk does not affect functionality of other magSafe compatible products.

MagHANDL products available for $29.99 - $39.99.

HANDL x POPL Collection

HANDL partnership with POPL uses NFC chip technology to allow you to tap another phone and pass on whatever contact/social media/business info you want fast and effortlessly to the other phone. No more fumbling with “please type your Instagram, LinkedIn, email or phone here”

HANDL was POPL’s first collaboration when it first launched in 2020. Now HANDL and POPL are expanding the collaboration by including Popl technology for free in all magHANDL products and most other HANDL O lines.

HANDL Products including Popl functionality range from $14.99 - $39.99.

HANDL New York products are currently available for purchase at Amazon.com with mass market retailer availability coming soon.

Learn more, visit - www.handlnewyork.com

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