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Quick Way to Reuse Paddywax Candle Containers

By February 23, 2023

Even though a candle can’t last forever, the container can live on! Paddywax vessels are designed with repurposing in mind to be eco-friendly and keep the memories of burning your favorite candle alive.

Quick Way to Reuse Paddywax Candle Containers

The Folia Collection showcases ceramic vessels that can be combined into stackable, self-watering planters once the wax runs out. Mix-n-match within the collection to create a colorful planter and scent combination as unique as you are.

Options include:

Folia 11.5 oz. Candle - Saffron Rose
Folia 5 oz. Candle - Gardenia & Tonka

The newest collection featuring fresh spring scents include:

Lustre 10 oz. Candle - Lavender & Fern
Lustre 10 oz. Candle - Matcha & Mint

Other springy scents

Sol 10 oz. Candle - Grapefruit Pomelo
Cirque 12 oz. Candle - Green Bamboo

Removing the wax and reusing the empty vessel is a great activity and here is a quick four step guide on how to prepare your container to reuse:

  • Place the used candle in the freezer overnight.
  • Once frozen, lightly tap the vessel on a soft surface until the wax pops out. It's sometimes helpful to use a utensil to crack the wax and help it pop out in pieces.
  • Using a soft cloth, remove any remaining wax, wick, or glue dot. Then, give the vessel a good wash!
  • Let the candle live on by using the now empty vessel for another purpose!

With a variety of comforting, cozy scents that warm up the house including Vetiver Cardamom, Balsam & Fir, Leather & Oak, Salted Grapefruit, and Wild Neroli, Paddywax candles are the ultimate crowd-pleaser.

Learn more, visit - www.paddywax.com

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