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Suzy Levian Sunglasses Collection Inspired by Jewelry

By February 20, 2023

Suzy Levian believes that the shape of sunglasses expresses a sense of style, a feeling of strength and should always make a personal statement.

Within her new collection, the sunglasses represent a fashion statement that appeals to each woman on different levels.

Suzy Levian Sunglasses Collection Inspired by Jewelry

Suzy Levian entire collection, from jewelry to home d├ęcor, is designed to be worn and displayed —classic items that are also relevant to a modern lifestyle.

After her fine jewelry collection launched, she then began designing accessories for the home and for the body. Her latest endeavor is sunglasses in a myriad of shapes, colored lenses, and frame motifs.

Like all of Suzy Levian’s collections. The sunglasses are replete with “the secret diamond” crystal hidden within them, encouraging women to discover the diamond within themselves.

The collection includes a range of shapes that tend to be iconic in the sunglasses category throughout the 20th century, including cat eye, aviator, large squarish and oversized round shapes—some more serious, others with a sense of play and whimsy.

Learn more, visit - www.suzylevian.com/collections/sunglasses

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