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Fight Acne with Plumpie Hydrocolloid Stickers

By June 01, 2023

Plumpie, a new skincare and cosmetics company devoted to creating beauty that is innovative and fun, vegan and cruelty-free Designer Hydrocolloid Stickers have acne-fighting ingredients that's safe for all skin types.

Fight Acne with Plumpie Hydrocolloid Stickers

Key product benefits for Plumpie’s Designer Hydro Stickers include protecting skin from bacteria, pollution and inflammation; and soothing skin of irritation and redness while it absorbs excess oils and pus.

“It's the don't squeeze, don't pick, don't scar acne patch. Our customers see results within 8-12 hours and are protecting and hiding blemishes while healing their skin.” according to Ren Carroll-Delapaz, Plumpie Brand Manager.

The Designer Hydrocolloid Stickers three acne-fighting ingredients are Azelaic Acid, Zinc PCA, and Salicylic Acid.

Azelaic Acid benefits include:
Clears pores of harmful acne causing bacteria.
Reduces inflammation and encourages cell turnover to prevent scarring.
Lightens dark spots caused by acne.

Zinc PCA benefits include:
Powerful mineral that reduces oil production in the skin.
Soothes skin of irritation and redness.

Salicylic Acid benefits include:
Penetrates deeper into pores to deep clean excess oil.
Gently exfoliates skin.

Plumpie is reimagining how acne is treated in a creative, inclusive, and functional way.

Learn more, visit - www.plumpieskin.com

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